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Zombies - Shadows of Evil
11-11-2015, 10:32 AM (This post was last modified: 11-11-2015 03:47 PM by Logrus.)
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Zombies - Shadows of Evil
Couple of things I have picked up from playing on my Solo Billy..:


If you look up at the start you see The Shadow Man (always has "purple smoke" near him) on the fire escape. Pretty much, I think, any time you hear him talking to you at the end of a round or ritual, you have a chance to see him - look for the purple smoke.

I shot him at the start and you gain 1000 points and the Round jumps to Round V. I do not recommend this!


There are 4 of these around the map, one for each player, I think. Known Spawns:

Easy Street
The Junction

These are used on the "Seymours" - the flower pods that are either grown, with a bulbous head, or dormant, with a withered head. In the first few rounds they have a green mist to them, in the later rounds I have seen them with a purple mist to them. They offer up, when "Regulated":

Random Gun


In The Junction, there are the entrances to the three main areas:

The Waterfront
The Canal District
Footlight District

The colour of the broken bottle on the barrel by each of these first Gates denotes which major Perk Machine is in that area:

RED = Juggernog
GREEN = Speed Cola
YELLOW = Double Tap

I think you can actually read the names of each perk on the broken bottles.


As usual, the box is random and looking into the sky to see the blue shaft of light, combined with the location of Jug, should gear your first few rounds.


There are four main rituals to carry out, once you have collected the relevant item, after making each one retrievable using Bast Mode:

The Fountain Pen - Ritual in The Junction (Round 1)
The Championship belt - Ritual in The Waterfront
The Producer's Toupee - Ritual in Footlights
The *something* - Ritual in the Canal (I think)

When you have an item, take it to the relevant ritual location and activate it, you cannot leave that location and wizards will spawn and attack you. You can kill them, or not - up to you, they all disappear when the ritual ends. Collect the Rift Worm.


Every round, certainly solo, you will need to use Beast Mode to:

- open the locked stairway gate (electricity boxes)
- turn on Perk Machines / Gobblegum (electricity boxes)
- locate and make retrievable crates / break crates (melee)
- break locked areas (melee)
- grapple and jump around all over the shop

The Beast can, if you are in a spot, be used to kill zombies, but this is a grievous waste of points!


Breaking wardrobes or other boxes can / will release 4 statues of the beast. Thease are used with eggs later for the sword quest. The egg(s) are retrieved from within the rift.


Opening up the rift also opens up the basement area of The Junction. There are a few Rift portals to make accessible and to then open in human form.

The rift, when in Beast Mode, has a wall with symbols on it, these are required for obtaining the Sword Egg(s)... These are found whilst on the train.

You need to shock with electricity four of the symbols to open the portal to retrieve the egg(s).

The Rift also contains the Master Fuse Box for the 3 fuses to activate the Civil Protector.


The train will take you around the 3 districts for a call price of 500 points, it also has "The Bootlegger" (sort of a Type-100) gun on it, for 2000 (4500 reload - I think!).

It is a very useful thing to get the hang of!

Also, the Train is key to correctly opening up the portal in the rift to collect the Sword Egg(s)!

When travelling between each location, you have to look out of the left / right side of the train, keeping an eye out for red glowing windows in buildings, within which red symbols are painted on the walls.

You need to find the 4 symbols along each of the possible journeys, to then be able to retrieve the egg(s) from within the rift in Beast Mode!


In each of the districts, there is a magical stairway that is VERY useful to have open, in fact - essential, to progress with any cetainty!

Each of these stairwells is opened in Beast Mode, by shocking the relevant electricity box.


The civil protector is a robot that can be activated (only in one district at a time) for 2000 points.

3 Fuses are required to be found around the city and they must be entered into the Master Fuse Box, which is located in the Rift.


I think that's right. The Magwa is the big ol' three-headed bastard that turns up periodically.

He is docile until you shoot him, then he homes in on the nearest player.

He is defeated by shooting him in each of his three heads, depending upon with of his gaping maws is open, showing the glowing yellow insides of his mouth.

Once killed, he will drop one of 3 'body parts', which are used for something...


I have seen at least 2 workbenches.

One is for a Rocket Shield.

One is for ...


The Shadow Man

I assume the point of this map is to kill this dude.


The yellow sting-hurling wasps that attack every so often in rounds, dropping a MAX AMMO upon the last kill.


Attack during Rituals and when you collect each of the 4 Ritual Items.


As above.

Probably a lot more to put in here!

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11-11-2015, 12:26 PM
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RE: Zombies - Shadow of Evil
In Round 1 I have completed the starting Ritual (Nero's magician + Fountain Pen) by using 2 Beast Modes to open up all of Easy Street, make the Fountain Pen accessible (electricity box in The Junction on the crane), open Stamin-Up, grapple up to Nero's Magic Circle and open the Nero Stariway to the back of Easy Street...

The ritual is in Nero's Workshop up those stairs.

Not knowing where to go in Beast Mode is the most damaging aspect of the map. It's infuriating taking a wrong turn and wasting a Beast.

This is great solo, would be awesome Duo and absolutely mental Quadro!

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11-11-2015, 12:35 PM
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RE: Zombies - Shadow of Evil
Is there a map available?

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11-11-2015, 12:42 PM
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RE: Zombies - Shadow of Evil
Probably, but - it's not very useful having a map - it really is much better finding things out yourself!

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